Who Am I

I was born with a love for the stage. It started at a young age with dance, mime, piano playing and soon developed a love for clowning. In The Clown I've found the freedom from the known, and a sense of meaning and poetry of the human imagination.

Creativity begins with the body

As I started Performing and Directing, I realized that developing balance and going out of balance is equally important. Transforming the vertical of the everyday body into ‘non human’ shapes is a way out of our ordinary thinking.
I like words, and I like silence. I always look for the footprints of the clown, but I don't actually need to put him in the front, nowadays he’s more in the backdrop - “whispering lines”.

As an actor and director I look for collaborations, working with other artists - Actors, designers, writers or musicians will always bring a collision of ideas, they will challenge my own impulses and create new paths of expression.

The Imaginal and the Bare

It is interesting for me sometimes to serve a story, to go deep into characters, objectives and obstacles, but sometimes to let go of all narratives and discover bare action and the working with new materials in the studio.
‘Material’ can be both physical or conceptual. It is important to have both, with different balances at different times.

The ‘Tumm’ Person

As a theater and movement teacher I look for the playfull, this is why I named my workshops: “Haish Hatumm” (in Hebrew).
'Haish,' meaning 'Man,' and "HaTumm," meaning 'Naive, Complete, Childlike.'
A person who is 'Tumm' is fully immersed in Play, creating and experimenting with Movement, both of life and art.


An Actor, Director, Writer and Teacher in the field of Physical Theater and Clowning.

Studied at the “Visual school of Theater”, in Jerusalem and an honorary graduate at Haifa University, Theater Department.

Co-director and lead actor in the show “kroy - Beyond Being and Nothingness”. Winning Best director, and Best actor Awards in Acco Festival 2021.

Writer and Performer in the Solo show “iDoll: Pinocchio of the 21 Century”. Winning First Prize at the “Teatroneto” Solo show festival, 2012 Israel.

Writing, directing and performing in The "Neo-Anderthals". Nominated for Best group work and Best costumes design in ‘Kipod Hazahv’ Theater Awards, Israel. Premiered at Hyadit Theater 2018.

Performing in the role of the title character in Radio Play. Winner of Best Show award, and nominated for Best Actor in ‘Kipod Hazhav’ Israeli Fringe awards 2018.

Writing, directing and acting "Faust Traummann" , Based on the Faust legend. Premiered at Tmuna Theater, Israel 2016.

Winner of Crowd Pleaser Award for Directing “Soap Opera” children show in Rehovot Live Statue Festival 2014.

Directing "Alte Zachen"- an original Jewish folk Clown Show 2014.

Co-Founder of the Ish Theater Group – clown and mime theater based on mythologies. The group's main show “Odysseus Chaoticus”, based on the "Odyssey" toured extensively in festivals around the world 2008 - 2013.

Writing and directing "Insanity" - a Devised play based on "Lord of the flies" at The Martef Theater School 2012.

Playing the lead role as Stephen Hawking in "Terminal" – by Amit Drori. Premiered at the Israel Festival, Jerusalem 2006.

Actor and co-director in "Hamemo" ,street theater performance. Receives Best actor acknowledgement at the "Bat Yam Street Theater Festival, Israel 2006.

Playing lead role and co-writing the script of the short movie: "Happy Hour". Received Best actor award, in the 48 Hours Film Project - 2008.

Playing lead role and co-writing the script of the short movie: "TimeCatcher". The film received Best movie award in the international "48 Hours Film Project 2007.

Playing lead role as Stephen Hawking "Terminal" – visual spectacle Directed by Amit Drori. Premiered at the "Israel Festival, Jerusalem" 2006.

Actor and dancer at "Clipa" Dance Theater, Israel. 2002 - 2007 Among the productions: "Labyrinth”, "A Dog's Heart", "The Rite Of Spring", "Toy" ,"Blue people", "Deus Ex Machina" and others.

Movement teacher and Artistic consultant in Haifa University Theater department 2016 - Present.

Physical Theater teacher and co-founder of the "Martef" – A theater school for youth at risk, Jerusalem, Israel 2006-2018.

Medical Clown at "Alyn" and "Sharei Zedek" hospitals in Jerusalem 2006-2014.