Pinocchio in the 21st Century

"a virtuoso performance by a superb actor... Brilliant adaptation and stage direction. Groundbreaking work in Conjuring up the many faces of someone who is both controlling and is being controlled”. -Tetronetto festival Jury

Winner of first prize in "Teatroneto" Theater Festival 2012

"Very well Pinocchio! You have proven yourself to be a brave, honest and caring boy, now I shall grant you the gift of life".

The unwritten continuation to the famous Pinocchio legend
Many years ago, the boy- puppet miraculously turned into flesh and blood. Now he is a grown man, sitting alone in his apartment somewhere in the big city. It turns out that to be human is not that simple.
On a frantic, sleepless night Pinocchio is working on his life invention: the iDoll - the ultimate doll that will change the world. This time, he might not have fairies and crickets by his side. On the night before the iDoll's launch, on the verge of a nervous breakdown, puppets, toys and events from his past are coming to haunt him.
A tragic – comic clown show, that moves between the intimate and the grotesque.
The show is in the English language combining Mime and Gibberish

“Creating mesmerizing magic onstage..Every moment of his performance is enchanting, witty, wacky and insanely fun” -Midnight East


  • Created and Performed by: Noam Rubinstein
  • Directed by: Yuvalal Liron
  • Dramaturgy: Masha Nemirovsky
  • Costume and prop design: Svetlana Livshitz
  • Original music score: Matan Rubinstein
  • Light design: Uri Weiss
  • Graphic design: Sonya olitsky