Beyond Being and Nothingness

Winner of Best Play, Best Director and Best Actor Awards in Acco Theater Festival 2021

The Amazing life of Dr. Moshe Kroy - philosopher, mystic, prophet of wrath, genius, and madman - who rose to fame in the mid-'70s and died in the late-'80s under mysterious circumstances, was a quest for truth, meaning and the reality of God. The play combines philosophy, biographical drama , Slapstick, live music, Stage magic and guided imagination exercises.

"For those few who will recognize me while I am alive - who will recognize who I really am - I promise a special promise. I'll keep in touch with them. They will meet me in their dreams, in their visions, in special telepathic experiences. There may even be some who will see me almost physically, as if I were still alive."  Moshe Kroy


  • Creators: Noam Rubinstein, Oded Hirsch, Yonatan Levy
  • Play: Yonatan Levy (based on Dr. Kroy's writings and media interviews)
  • Directors: Yonatan Levy and Noam Rubinstein
  • Actors: Neta Zeid, Avner Hanani, Yonatan Levy, Noam Rubinstein
  • Music: Avner Hanani
  • Magic: Liam Lebanon
  • Lighting Designer: Baruchi Spiegelman
  • Space Designer: Oded Hirsch
  • Costume Designer: Keren Peretz
  • Production: Shirley Marom
  • photos: Michal Egozi

"Yonatan Levy, Noam Rubinstein and Oded Hirsch are intelligent and thinking creators... An interesting theatrical inquiry, a delicate line of humor anointed on the play" [Haaretz]

“… It is a masterpiece of in-depth and thought-provoking content on the one hand and a delightful acting and directing on the other. The result is very special."[YNET]

“Noam Rubinstein, Oded Hirsch and Yonatan Levy - creating a sophisticated texture which is exciting, funny, witty and literally full of charm. I sat on the edge of my seat and enjoyed every word." [Mokasini Magazine]