Starting Over

Starting over is a comedy show that reminds us how fragile the world we live in

After a big explosion that destroyed the earth, no one is left but a man and a woman: A couple that just got married. Looking at each other they forgot everything - their love, their lives, and especially what people do after the wedding! Unfortunately the fate of humankind rests on their shoulders.

A heavenly messenger is sent to earth to try with all his wits to save humanity from disappearing.

Premiered in New Delhi, National School of Drama’s , Bharat Rang Mahotsav festival 2011


  • Devised and Directed by: Maria Nemirovsky
  • Actors: Noam Rubinstein, Fyodor Makarov, Yolana Zimmerman
  • Stage and costume design: Svetlana livshitz
  • Light design: Asi Gutesman