Radio Play

The Adventures of Karate Man, Patrick Kim

"Patrick Kim is on his way to conquer the theater stages" -City Mouse, September 2017

"He’s huge, he’s tough, He’s flexible, he’s firm, His chest erects like two iron shields, His tough muscles bounce like bunnies, He’s a lean, mean fighting machine! The name is Kim. Patrick Kim."

In The "Radio days" - Radio plays sound effects were made by objects. When the digital era started sound samples were used instead. The show imitate a Radio play on stage and Object theatre is being used to create a visual irony between the objects, the sounds and the actors actions.

The immortal story of the secret agent Patrick Kim and his thrilling adventures. A Wild humoristic theatrical adaptation of a Radio play performed with
Object theater & Sound effects.


  • Performers: Noam Rubinstein, Nadia kucher, Noa Becker & Sharon Gabay
  • Director & Set design: Shahar Marom
  • Writer: Noa Becker
  • Sound & music: Sharon Gabay
  • Costume design: Rona Plotek
  • English Translation: Shirly Marom
  • Producer: Jenya Kapitsky
  • Production: Hanut31- Theater & Gallery
  • Photos: Yair Meyuhas

Past Tours

  • Tmuna Theater (2018-19)
  • 2018 Oct - Pittsburgh, USA, Pittsburgh International Festival of Firsts
  • 2018 Dec - Katowice, Poland
  • 2019 - Bergen Fringe Festival, Norway