A cult comedy by Noam Rubinstein

About the show

From the depths you called a fish, fish clouds! Here you gaped, a swallowed world, a world with all its inhabitants!

The Dagonites, a religious order that lives inside the belly of an ancient god, hold a ceremony in which they tell the story of swallowing the world. Political intrigue, talking doves, bread protest mixed with the prophecy of Gog and Magog in a sweeping, wild and musical plot.

Length: 1.5 hours Suitable for ages 13 and up

The show was produced with the support of the Foundation for Independent Artists and Mifal HaPais.

The essence of the story

Benny Fischler, a Haifa quartermaster who works in the Dagon silos, is a pigeon lover who lost his job after the grain warehouses were closed for mysterious security reasons. Laila, one of the pigeons my son feeds, leads him to the house of a computer hacker named Iger. Iger tracks communications from a US government website called SETI to detect life from outer space. He tells my son that Lila and all the pigeons in his workplace have been taken over by an alien and their language is actually a coded code that comes from the planet Dagon located 25 light-years from Earth. What does the code say? In the meantime, no one knows how to decipher. However, the alien takeover is spreading and soon the whole world will be infected with the strange speech. In the news, Prime Minister Haim Buri, claims that the seeds of Beit Dagon have been poisoned and therefore strange phenomena appear among the population, he puts the blame on Iran. Benny is determined to prove that this is an alien invasion and begins a journey to the Prime Minister's House in order to warn against the alien enemy, attracting thousands who are convinced that he is right. There are two Christian camps in the country: the alien camp versus the Iranian camp, which is hunting for a mullet life. The danger of civil war is greater than ever. In space, Dagon, the alien-god approaches Earth. But did he really come to destroy or perhaps warn him

"The five actors here give an unbelievable job... You can't take your eyes off them."

Dagon – The Fringe Show You Must See Adam Sobol, Eating Culture


Concept, writing and directing: Noam Rubinstein
Cast: Yiftach Ofir, Nadia Kocher, Keren Tzur, Jonathan Schwartz, Noam Rubinstein
Original music: Matan Rubinstein and Guy Scharf
Lighting and sound design: Yoni Tal
Costume Design: Tal Sharir
Assistant Director: Ohad Sol
Producer: Michal Ner David
Illustration and graphic design: Natalie Weiss
Photo: Michal Egozi

Based on an original radio play

The show is based on an original five-episode radio series recorded at the Tmuna Theater's podcast festival in June 2021 and broadcast on Kan 11 - Kan Hesktim. Listen to all episodes

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